Those searching information these days have a choice of PubMed (the database of the National Library of Medicine accessible free of cost on the web), or from a multitude of non free databases offered by different database service providers. Each of these database hosts also offers a search facility additional to the so-called Classic Search over a so-called Web-interface, which adapts itself more or less strongly to the search strategies of the search engines. These interfaces differ more or less strongly from one another and are revised again and again.

This means that the user must learn something new again and again in order to be able to use these instruments for their purposes in an optimal way.

The goal of the database training seminars of TRISOLVE Scientific is therefore an enhancement and refinement of the research strategies of the end user in OVID / PubMed / DIMDI and other databases

Professional research in PubMed

Professional research with the host DIMDI (Web-interface)

Professional research with the host OVID

Further seminars, for example refreshers or build up courses, on enquiry.

Should the seminar take place at your firm? No problem, we will gladly come to you.