References: Scientific Information & Documentation

Heumann Pharma


..... (TRISOLVE is) my secret weapon in the area of scientific acquisition of information.

..... Because the order is super urgent, please evaluate your database hits yourself and also order the corresponding articles. Because I know and appreciate your mode of operation very well, I am certain that you will make the best out of this order.


Comments from the departments Medical Affairs, Marketing, Regulatory Affairs:

..... Thank you very much for your excellent services.
..... Thank you very much for the prompt investigations.
..... Sincere thanks for your professional support.
..... Thank you very much for the prompt procurement of the articles.
..... Thank you very much, that was exactly the necessary article.
..... Sincere thanks for the quick help. It is exactly as how I imagined it.

Medizinischer Dienst der Krankenversicherung
in Bayern

(Medical service of the health insurance in Bavaria)

Institut für Neurowissenschaften, Algesiologie und Pädiatrie
(Institute for Neuro-science, Algesiologie and Paediatrics)



References: Training

Medical Data & Project Management GmbH

AWD.pharma GmbH & Co.KG


..... The training was really fun.

..... The filter functions superbly!
I installed it immediately into our relevant index.

Bionorica AG


..... The training was very interesting and useful.

..... I am already able to use successfully what was learned in the training.


Comments from the Medical Affairs (Oncology) department:

..... Especially pleasing for me was the individual attention to personal questions.

..... The individual tailoring, especially the training on the needs of our specialist group, impressed me.

..... The excellent expert knowledge, as well as the clear presentation methods of the course leader, made the training a long term valuable experience.

..... The course leader knows how to make the material easily understandable.

..... Sincere thanks for the valuable simulations.