Full Text Procurement

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Welcome to the Full Text Procurement area of TRISOLVE Scientific

The procurement of full texts is an important part of our service in the Scientific Information & Documentation area.

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Important notice:
A lot of information that you pass to us so that we can deal with your requests is likely to be highly sensitive to your business. For this reason we place total value on the non disclosure of confidential information to third parties and we work accordingly. Should you require an additional confidentiality agreement over and above this please let us know.


Orders & Enquiries:

You can transmit your order and/or your enquiry to us per telephone / fax / E-Mail or post. This can happen entirely without using a form. We only need the bibliographic data of the full text to be procured as well as your address with phone number and/ or e-mail address. You can however also use our online enquiry/order form .



The total cost for the procurement of full texts consists of a fee, based on a lump sum per full text ordered and the out of pocket expenses incurred for ordering the full texts, and is set out according to contract in our invoice. The fee varies depending on the type of the service (urgent delivery or normal delivery) as well as on which of e-mail, fax or postage is used to deliver the texts to you.


Order execution:

After the receipt of your order we immediately confirm receipt thereof. Then we check your order for and contact you in the event of inconsistencies.

For the procurement of full texts we use different service providers. We select the service providers according to our previous experience and continuous evaluation based on quality, reliability, price etc. If you prefer to use a particular service provider this can be arranged when you award an order/contract to us.

The delivery period for the full text procurement amounts in general to between 5 & 10 working days for normal delivery and 2 to 3 work days for urgent delivery. A shorter timeframe in accordance with your individual time specification is also always possible.

Should it transpire in the course of the order execution that the desired document can only be procured via cost intensive delivery services, we will inform you immediately.

We check the detailed deliveries before despatch to you for correctness and completeness. The forwarding of the documents to you follows by e-mail unless otherwise specified by you. The delivery of books to you is normally by post.

If a delivery is delayed we notify you immediately.


Our long-time experience in the procurement of full texts
guarantees you a high success ratio.