Scientific Research

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Welcome to the Scientific Research area of TRISOLVE Scientific

The conduct of scientific investigations is an important part of our service.

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Important notice:
A lot of information that you pass to us so that we can deal with your requests is likely to be highly sensitive to your business. For this reason we place total value on the non disclosure of confidential information to third parties and we work accordingly. Should you require an additional confidentiality agreement over and above this please let us know.


Orders & Enquiries:

You can transmit your order and/or your enquiry to us per telephone / fax / E-Mail or post to us. This can happen entirely without using a form. We only need a short description of the research subject as well as your address with phone number and/ or e-mail address. You can however also use our online enquiry/order form

We then get in touch with you as quickly as possible in order to discuss details of the subject, the conduct of the research and the costs with you.



The total costs of a research consist of our hourly fee and any related out of pocket expenses (e.g. database costs). The costs are dependent on the complexity of the question, the amount of database use and the hits found therein, any expense incurred in development of the research strategy as well as the processing of the results.

In a detailed consultation conversation, we will clear the expenses necessary for the conduct of the investigation with you beforehand. At the same time you will have the opportunity to determine a cost frame.


Research conduct:

The conduct of the research happens in close contact with you. All professional questions are cleared with you either before or, if necessary, during the research for the avoidance of misunderstandings. Through this close arrangement with you, we help to minimise the costs.

Dependent upon the order subject matter, we work with commercial databases, for example those that are offered by the hosts STN International, DIMDI or FIZ Technology, and/or from internet sources.

Our long experience in the utilisation of these databases and research tools guarantees you the development of a research strategy tailored exactly to your subject.

The preparation period for a research amounts in general to 1 week for normal delivery and 2 - 3 days for urgent delivery. A shorter timeframe in accordance with your individual time specification is also always possible.

The result of the research that is obtained in the form of a database abstract is screened by us for relevance before extraction and sorted according to your wishes.

For each research, you receive a detailed research report, including the subject of the research, the research strategy, the related databases, references to the answers and an overview.

You receive the research result and the pertinent report either in printed or electronic form as desired.

As we certainly would like to ensure that the order was carried out to your satisfaction we will contact you after the receipt of the results as part of our "after sales service" for a short debriefing conversation.